Author: Paul Garay

  • Slow down, no need to rush

    I decided to learn the guitar last August 2020. I needed another outlet from the monotony of home life during a pandemic.  I gave myself 6 months to “learn” the guitar. Obviously, I was in for a rude awakening as the first 2-3 months alone was literally painful. Fretting the strings to play basic chords […]

  • How to Get Rich

    Naval Ravikant made a series of tweets on how to get rich. Naval explains more about these tweets in various podcasts. I prefer to read text and I am glad I found this website. I have followed Naval since I came to know of him through Joe Rogan’s podcast. He is a clear and articulate thinker with […]

  • Zero to One

    I have read Zero to One by Peter Thiel three times. And with every re-read, I have more appreciation for the wisdom that Thiel shares. According to Thiel, a business that can create new technology (going from zero to one) is far more superior than a business that mimics or incrementally improves existing technology (one […]

  • Tao of Charlie Munger

    Tao of Charlie Munger a compilation of Charlie Munger quotes with commentary by David Clark. I was interested in getting to know the mind of Charlie Munger after watching several interviews of him and Warren Buffet. This book gave me enough material to understand Munger’s investing and business strategy. David Clark has done a decent […]