WordPress, I’m back…

I have been developing websites in WordPress since 2015. I wanted to learn something new so I tried building this blog using static site generators Jekyll and Hugo. While I find Jekyll to be okay, I encountered numerous errors installing some of their gems. After successfully building a Jekyll blog on my local server, I paused and tried Hugo. Hugo was so much easier to install. Bye Jekyll.

Since static sites do not use databases nor have a CMS (content management system), they are very fast. You can also host them for free. I first hosted my static site on Github. But I chose Cloudflare Pages since I wanted to take advantage of Cloudflare network.

Here was my seamless experience with Hugo and Cloudflare Pages on a Mac:

  1. Used Homebrew to install Hugo.
  2. Typed hugo new site websitename in Terminal
  3. Added a theme using Git clone or Git submodule
  4. Added sample blog posts
  5. Ran local server to test the website
  6. Push project to Github repository
  7. Deployed the blog in Cloudlfare.

The research process took a few hours. But once I got the hang of it, I could ship a simple blog for free in 10 minutes. That’s amazing.

As I started writing blog posts, however, I realized how I missed WordPress. Hugo uses Markdown and I used VS Code to write my content. It felt weird writing a blog in VS Code. I also needed to learn some Markdown syntax, which is easy to learn but WordPress CMS makes everything EASIER with a click of a button.

I ultimately caved in, and used Forestry CMS for Hugo. When I made some edits to my posts using Forestry, Cloudflare Pages had to rebuild the website again which took around 2 minutes. Making edits to a WordPress post is instant.

This led to me question why I even left WordPress. Installing WordPress now is super fast. Along with other websites I maintain, I host this blog on Vultr and use RunCloud to manage the server. Using RunCloud, I can create a WordPress blog with the golden “deploy” button. How convenient! I do not need to mess with mySQL and wp-config nor use FTP.

Obviously, If I did not know WordPress or if tools like RunCloud are not available, I would prefer to use Hugo to build a blog. But for now, I am back in WordPress. I’m home! 🙂