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  • Productivity is doing a few things better

    People in my circle know that I am almost impossible to reach by phone. I have structured my life so that I can focus on learning and creating. I dislike distractions and last minute plans. I have been living like this for the past four years and I don’t plan on changing my lifestyle any […]

  • The pressure to succeed young

    “Bro, I’m burned out.” I was totally caught off guard by my friend’s message. This dude is a machine. A one-man development team with two successful apps in the Apple Store and Google PlayStore. A week earlier, a buddy of mine who flips real estate sent me a message asking my thoughts on truck driving. […]

  • The power of saying “I don’t know”

    I am a skeptic. The works of Nassim Taleb and Karl Popper has been tattooed in my worldview. Yes Nassim, finding a black swan will invalidate the theory that all swans are white. Karl, I understand that science should attempt to disprove a theory rather than finding ways to continually prove it. Countless times in […]

  • Too much and too little of anything is not good

    Indifference Curve. Isocost. Isoquant. If you’ve taken Microeconomics in uni and you feel the dread, I feel you. I was very interested in economic theory and consumer behavior but once my professor threw me those indifference curves, I was done ya’ll. No chance. Too much complexity and graphs to what I think could be explained […]

  • Passion in business won’t take you to the next level

    Back in the day when Shopify and Woocommerce were not as easy as it is today, I use to work with mom-and-pops with their e-commerce. I would upgrade their brand image, advice on product description and images, work on their copywriting, design and build their website. Working with small business owners at the start of […]

  • Value is determined by the buyer

    As of today, the floor price for a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT on OpenSea is 87.5 ETH (Ethereum) – approximately $108,000. Last year’s bull run, when ETH was hovering between $2,500 to $4,000, many apes were sold north of a hundred. A JPEG photo of a primate on the blockchain is selling for hundreds. […]

  • Build wealth through leverage

    I had an interesting conversation with my tennis partner this morning. He is in his early 20’s and still trying to figure out his career path. As his ultimate goal is financial freedom, I told him the concept of leverage. Two things I have learned from our conversation. First, I have a difficult time expressing […]

  • Don’t be married to your ideas

    For a long time, humans believed that the earth was the center of the universe while the sun, stars, and other planets revolve around it. Copernicus challenged the idea in the 16th century by stating the sun was the center. Surgeons have been killing patients with their own germs until Ignaz Semmelweis introduced hand washing with chlorinated […]

  • Learning is non-linear

    When I turned 30 in 2019, I took up tennis. I had too many injuries playing basketball over the years (e.g. partial MCL tear, grade 1 and grade 2 ankle sprains, rotator cuff tendinitis) that I decided to switch to a less physical sport. I could have opted for swimming but my 45-minute laps were […]

  • On Chris Dixon’s climbing the wrong hill

    Okay folks, I have been in the crypto and blockchain rabbit hole lately. So far, the best podcast that I have listened to about this space is Tim Ferriss episode 542 with Chris Dixon and Naval Ravikant. It has added to my confidence on the future of blockchain, decentralization, and peer-to-peer money. A portion of […]